KIA-CAHRLOTTA - Beauty with a soul / Veganer Nagellack [INTERVIEW]

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Worauf wartet der Frühling eigentlich? Wenn es schon mit dem schönen Osterwetter nichts wird, dann doch wenigstens mit ein wenig Frühling an den Händen, oder? Und das geht am besten mit veganem und "chemiebefreitem" Nagellack!

Warum vegan fragst du dich? Ganz einfach, weil in herkömmlichem Nagellack leider jede Menge tierische Inhaltsstoffe, Chemikalien und hautreizende und umweltschädliche Stoffe stecken. Ich nutze bereits seit ein paar Jahren nur noch veganen und mindestens 7-Free Nagellack, der gemeinem Lack in nichts nachsteht. Warum auch du deine Nagellack Optionen überdenken solltest, kannst du in meinem Artikel über veganen Nagellack nachlesen. 

Mittlerweile gibt es viele Unternehmen, die sich auf natürlichen Nagellack (bis zu einem bestimmten Grad, denn Lack bleibt Lack) spezialisiert haben und eines dieser möchte ich dir heute ein wenig genauer vorstellen. Ich habe die Gründerin von Kia Charlotta, Kia, zum Interview gebeten, um mehr über ihr Unternehmen und veganen Nagellack zu erfahren. Was 7-Free bedeutet, warum Nagellack nicht immer vegan ist und wie dein Nagellack länger hält erfährst du jetzt!

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Who is Kia-Charlotta und why did you start a vegan nail polish brand in the first place?

Kia-Charlotta was created by me, Kia and my boyfriend Alex. The idea came to me because, as a vegan, I found it unnecessarily difficult to find good quality vegan cosmetics, especially decorative cosmetics e.g. nail polish, lipstick, etc. One day on a grey march afternoon in 2016, I was painting my nails with an old nail polish of mine and saw that it was not vegan and filled with toxic ingredients. It was then, I knew this could and needs to be done better.


What is the biggest problem with conventional nail polish?

I believe this varies depending on the values everybody has. For me, as a passionate vegan, a big problem was finding 100% vegan nail polishes without animal derived ingredients and zero animal testing which is nearly impossible to find within conventional drugstore brands. Kia-Charlotta is also 7-free. Which means we do not contain 7 of the most toxic ingredients still commonly found in nail polishes. This was also important form me, because conventional nail polishes often contain a bunch of toxic ingredients such as phthalates or toluene which can be very harmful for our health.


What does “7-Free” stand for?

See above. It means we are free from dibutylphthalat, toluene, xylol, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin & parabens. These are some of the most toxic ingredients still commonly used in nail polish today.


Isn’t nail polish always vegan?

No. Almost every cosmetic product we can think of contains animal derived ingredients unless stated otherwise. Nail polish often contains carmine, which is a red pigment derived from cochineal bugs, and metallic or glitter colours often contain guanine which is derived from fish scales. On top of that, vegan nail polish should always be 100% cruelty free e.g. no animal testing at any stage of the supply chain.


What should I pay attention to when buying nail polish?

I would say, make sure the nail polish is minimum 3-free (but I would go for 7 free) to ensure they don’t contain any of the most toxic ingredients. This will be labelled on the bottle or its packaging. For the very least make sure the nail polish does not contain camphor. Camphor is in fact illegal to use in Germany, but we still often see it in the ingredients list of nail polishes. Additionally, try to only look for products that are certified vegan, or at least cruelty-free. Good certifications to look for are „The Vegan Society“ and „PETA“. Only with a certification can you truly be sure because, unfortunately, with the cruelty-free and vegan trend, many companies will use this as marketing and bend the rules. Finally, check for reviews from different brands to make sure you buy a nail polish that is perfect for you.


What’s your personal nail care tip?

My number one tip is to eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water. I truly believe that what we put in the inside will be reflected on the outside – so if you eat healthy, you will be healthy and so will be your nails. That is a big reason why I became vegan and I have since notice a huge change also in the condition and strength of my nails. In addition, taking good care of your hands and nails, especially in winter, is crucial. The cold air in winter strips natural oils from our hands and nails which they need to stay strong, so it is important to regularly apply a good hand cream. Also give your nails an oil (e.g. with olive oil) bath once a week for deep moisturising.


How do I recycle nail polish correctly?

During our product development, we asked around and noticed that nobody has ever used up a whole bottle of nail polish. They usually lay around the shelf for years, dry up and end up in the trash. We thought: what a waste!! This is why our nail polishes are smaller than the conventional bottles – because we want to avoid unnecessary waste. This would be the first step – go for a smaller bottle because you might just end up using all your nail polish up, instead of having to throw half of it away. If however you do need to recycle your nail polish, please follow these steps: Wie man Nagellack richtig recycelt!


Where do you get the inspiration for your nail polish colors?

I love fashion and colours and I research the trends for each season and take inspiration from that. But I also always think about what looks good and what is wearable. In my opinion, not all colours that are in trend would look good on our nails. Of course, our number one inspiration are our customers. When they want something, we will go out of our way to make it possible. Our collections are thus always a combination of trends, classics & customer feedback.


What are the nail polish trends this year?

We launch two new collections a year because the trends for spring-summer and fall-winter are usually completely different. Spring-summer 2018 is however looking very colourful with some bright colours

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What do I have to do to keep my nail polish longer?

Everybody has different nails. Some have oily nails, some have dry nails. Healthy nails are strong and will usually assure a long-lasting manicure. Unhealthy nails are brittle and sensitive where it may be harder to maintain a long-lasting manicure. To make your nail polish as long-lasting as possible, make sure to take good care of your health and nails. The secret to a long-lasting manicure is also a base and top coat. Many people like to skip this part but it truly makes a world of a difference in the durability of nail polish. Insider tip: reapply top coat 1-2 times a week to give a new protective coat every now and then.


How do you pack your products? Did you value sustainability and the environment in your design?

We try to be as sustainable as possible with the resources we have available. We chose a smaller nail polish bottle in order to minimize unnecessary waste. We try to use a little plastic as possible in our bottles and packaging. We have paper packaging for our bottles and we send out our products with zero plastic.


And finally, what are your goals with Kia-Charlotta?

Our mission is to be the number one premium quality, 100% vegan and cruelty-free decorative cosmetics company in the world. We want Kia-Charlotta to be easily available to everybody in stores and around the world. As you can see, we have big dreams and big goals. It’s going to be a lot of work but we believe can create meaningful and positive change.